Mayfield Measure to Protect Immigrant Families Signed into Law

WAUKEGAN, Ill. – A new law spearheaded by state Rep. Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan, will prohibit local governments from signing contracts with the federal government to detain immigrants and will institute protections for immigrants to ensure law enforcement personnel and resources are not being deputized by the federal government for immigration enforcement.

“Local sheriffs and police should be focused on their community, not engaging in work for federal immigration authorities,” Mayfield said. “I am proud to see Illinois take another step in becoming a state that treats immigrants as people and rejects the costly and inhumane detention apparatus operated by ICE.”

The Mayfield-backed Senate Bill 667 builds on the TRUST and VOICES Acts to protect immigrant families by prohibiting state and local law enforcement from inquiring about or investigating the citizenship or immigration status of an individual in police custody. The bill also prevents state and local law enforcement from entering into or renewing agreements to house people charged with federal immigration violations. Additionally, the new law empowers the Attorney General to conduct investigations into violations of the state’s guidelines related to immigration.

Mayfield served as one of the lead sponsors of the legislation, which was signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker this month.

“Too often in recent years we have seen politicians inflict hardship and suffering amongst immigrant families to score cheap political points,” Mayfield said. “Illinois is stronger because of its immigrant population, and I am grateful for the continued work from advocates to ensure we are creating communities that respect all residents regardless of background.”