Mayfield Earns Gun Crime Safety Award for Work on Ballistics Detection

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — State Representative Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan, has been named a “2024 Violence Prevention Hero” for her continued efforts to help law enforcement in Illinois obtain the technological tools needed to fight firearm violence and violent crimes.

Evidence IQ, an Illinois company that presented the award to Mayfield, has been partnering with law enforcement agencies in Illinois and across the country with new technology that can accelerate investigations and allow investigators to receive immediate gun crime intelligence. The device called Ballistics IQ, is the only automated ballistics imaging triage solution that immediately scans firearm evidence and works alongside other technologies to generate rapid crime gun intel to close cases faster.

“I’m honored to receive the 2024 Violence Prevention Hero award. Law enforcement agencies should have every tool available to combat gun crimes and protect innocent lives,” said Mayfield, the chair of the House Appropriations Public Safety Committee.

“Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Mayfield, a dozen Illinois communities will be able to have an additional tool to quickly solve gun crimes,” said Matt Brady, chief executive officer of Evidence IQ. “This groundbreaking software can help figure out how many shooters and how many guns were used more quickly than previously available technology.”

Representative Mayfield helped secure $4 million annually in the fiscal year 2023 and 2024 Illinois state budget that allows law enforcement agencies and municipalities to apply for ballistics detection equipment through a grant offered by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. Those interested in applying for the grant can submit an application here.