Mayfield Champions Compassionate, Responsible Budget Focused on Public Safety

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois has a new state budget that adds focus to public safety efforts while still prioritizing both fiscal responsibility and compassion, thanks in part to the leadership of state Rep. Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan, who chairs the crucial Appropriations-Public Safety Committee.

“Each of us is all too familiar with the pressing issues impacting public safety in communities across Illinois,” Mayfield said. “That’s why I’ve spent this spring session pushing hard for smart, targeted investments in safer communities, violence prevention, and more opportunities for residents of disinvested communities and vulnerable socioeconomic groups. When we give people the tools to thrive within the system, fewer of them will fall through the cracks.”

Through her work, Mayfield embraced the principle that Illinois should not have to choose between responsibility and compassion. Programs she moved through her committee include large investments in community-based violence prevention, after-school programs, summer jobs and other opportunities to keep kids in safe and constructive environments; financial support for police and prosecutors; and millions of dollars for promoting “Red Flag” laws as well as safe gun storage.

In addition, she ensured that Illinois can continue to implement and defend the pivotal SAFE-T Act and Protect Illinois Communities Act (PICA) which implement sweeping criminal justice reform and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, respectively.

“A strong budget, focused on the right priorities, enables us to build the smart, compassionate state that we want,” Mayfield said. “By prioritizing spending on the resources and the services that make communities safer and provide everyone with more opportunities to thrive and to succeed, we are creating a brighter future and moving Illinois forward.”