Measures for Our Community in Response to Covid-19


It is without question that covid-19 is here. There are a lot of unknowns as well as many things that we do know. Listening to the scientific experts is the foundation of how we need to respond. We also need to act as a community and know that we will get through this together.

The principle underlying our collective response is “flattening the curve.” While this graph is qualitative, it shows that by each of us taking steps to limit exposure and spread, there will be fewer cases of sick people which results in our hospital system being able to provide enough care.

There are specific things that each of us needs to do. These are necessary because we all are depending on each other. Every step that you take affects the health of others and you are relying on them for yours.

  • If you are sick, stay home

    This is obvious and an absolute necessity. If your illness is worsening, seek medical attention. The first place to reach out to is your regular physician.

  • Wash your hands

    It is important to frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

  • Social distancing

    Where practical, try to maintain a distance of 10 feet and avoid large public gatherings.

  • Do not horde

    Whether it be food, hand sanitizer or wipes, make sure to leave enough for everybody else. For example, if a store gets a shipment of hand sanitizer, do not take it all. So doing would result in your having more than you need and others having none.

  • Check up on each other

    Reach out frequently to friends, family and neighbors. It is understandable to feel troubled and that connection and care will make a real difference.

Looking out for each other, doing those sensible things that reduce the spread and staying calm is how we will get through this together as a community and emerge even stronger.

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