Mayfield Responds to Governor Rauner's Budget Address


Springfield: - State Representative Rita Mayfield, D Waukegan, issued the following statement following Governor Rauner's Budget address on Wednesday:

"There are too many families that are being hurt by our budget stall out in the legislature. We have to get on the same page because this is ridiculous. It seems like with the demands of hundreds of protestors today and tens of thousands more in letters and emails, we would be able to see what is really at stake here. We have to come to a solution that heals the wounds already inflicted and doesn't cause any more harm to our communities."

"The people who need us the most should not have to deal with political games. They rely on us to do what is right. We simply canít have the budget held hostage to focus on non-budgetary items and put the people who we pledged to serve out in the cold. We're running a government here, not a business."

"Even though things seem bleak for the state right now, there is still time to take the necessary steps to right the ship. The time for action is now. I am willing to work with the governor and every member of the legislature to come to a solution for our budget crisis that doesnít cause even more hurt to the vulnerable. For the sake of the people of Illinois, the governor needs to do the same, before it is too late."

Mayfield represents the 60th District, which includes Waukegan, North Chicago, and neighboring communities. For more information, please contact Rep. Mayfield's district office at 847-599-2800 or

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