Mayfield Votes to Continue Essential Services, Pay to Employees during Shutdown


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The state’s most vulnerable residents and the pay of state workers would be temporarily safeguarded from Gov. Bruce Rauner’s government shutdown under a a critical services budget passed by state Rep. Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan.

“There is more work to be done to pass a long-term state budget, and in the meantime this temporary budget will ensure that the most crucial obligations of the state are being taken care of,” said Mayfield. “This critical services budget ensures the pay of state workers and also provides assurance to hard-working families, seniors and the disabled that the services they need will not come to a halt.”

As a new fiscal year began without a long-term state budget in place on July 1, a number of critical services including in-home care for seniors, the salaries of tens of thousands of state employees, therapeutic services for the developmentally disabled and even the incarceration of sexually violent criminals were at risk of coming to a pause.

Mayfield passed Senate Bill 2040, a critical services budget that provides continued funding for some of Illinois’ most important state services, and compensation for tens of thousands of state workers while legislators and the governor work to construct a long-term state budget. Mayfield voted to protect critical funding for therapy and work placement assistance for the physically disabled, care for aging veterans, protective shelters for children who are victims of abuse, programs that keep dangerous sexual predators incarcerated, public safety services like operating expenses for prisons and the Illinois State Police, and the Community Care Program, which allows elderly residents to receive in-home care and avoid costlier nursing home care.

“Although this measure will provide for services temporarily, Illinois is still in a critical moment and decisive action is still needed,” said Mayfield. “We have work to do, and quickly, because this government shutdown affect real people; the same real people who expect us to represent them with vigor here in Springfield.”

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