Mayfield Pushes for Police Reform on Body Cameras and Training


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Police in the state will have minimum guidelines for the use of body cameras under legislation passed by state Rep. Rita Mayfield, D- Waukegan.

“In light of recent national controversy stemming from police-related incidents, this legislation is a necessary step in toward reform,” Mayfield said. “Not only does the bill address the use of the police body cameras, but it also aims to improve the relationship between the communities of our state and our police officers.”

Mayfield voted to pass Senate Bill 1304, which creates the nation’s first guidelines for the use of officer-worn body cameras including requiring the camera to be on 30 seconds before any police interaction and for the video to be saved for a minimum of 90 days, barring any investigation, in which case the video must be kept for two years.

Along with camera guidelines, the Mayfield-backed legislation requires an independent investigation into all officer-involved deaths and mandates police in “stop and frisks” to leave a detainee with a receipt of the interaction. The bill also requires extended in-service training requirements for officers.

“The most monumental piece of this bill is the level of accountability that it brings to our police forces,” said Mayfield. “All too often have communities built a distrust of police officers, but because of the transparency this legislation brings, we can assure citizens that the officers are here to help, as intended.”

Mayfield represents the 60th District which includes Waukegan, North Chicago, and neighboring communities. For more information please contact Rep. Mayfield’s district office at 847-599-2800 or

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